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Pico Sim Date Pico Sim Date

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Records anyone?? ;) I just scored 3255 :P not so good...

Nice game although I thought it would have some more of "my dating skills" involved. A little unreal but its fine for a game (I would be sending 20 emails for 5 days straight at the end).

*Get "1-Strenght""28-Intelligence" and "1-Charm", use your 100$ into 2 super study at shool. Ask for promotion and rest. ALWAYS ask for promotion every day once, take the chance. Study all day long for some days (and ask for promotions) until you know you earn 50$ (or a little less). Then work for $$ and from now on ONLY do super study, get the $$ from work. If you have 20 energy left one day, drink vodka. Work your way through to 250 intelligence and max promotion (ASK EVERY DAY). Now, you should earn 425$/40 power! From now on, do what you wish. READ MY TIPS THOUGH

*OK rule of thumb, don't be scared from anything except for asking her to a date (you'll KNOW when you can do this), and messing up on the date. For the rest... be a jerk! it's a game!

*Charm you can quickly get from bar once you earn a lot.

*Strenght is not so needed but I suggest you get it up to 250 before the date because it looks coller to maximize stats :)

*Don't hesitate to use AP in battles, you don't lose anything on it (I am right here, right?)

*Once you feel ready, talk to her and "ask her", until she tells the you her email. YOU WANT THIS. I spent DAYS sending just emails :)


*She only will reveal one information about herself for every 20power, this makes a maximum of 5 informations per day, which are random and can be repeated.

*ON THE DATES: You have to know about her for this either from previous conversations or from the posts of some people here. Bringing a "<3" will help. Pick the 3rd option NOT below 80ish, I think... I did at 100 cause I answered all right and gave her 2 "<3"s :P And finally when you get to 100, pick the last option (not leave ;) duh!)

*If you don't beat this game after reading this, you are a moron, have fun!

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